DIY Coaching

anniebam-DIY-coachingIf you’re one of many Oregon homeowners who like to get their hands dirty, you’ll benefit from our DIY Coaching. We’ll guide you through your list of priorities and connect you with the proper flow of your installation.

After the design has been solidified, we provide guidance on the following:

  • Vendor and material quantities and sourcing
  • Plant procurement and layout
  • Tool and equipment sourcing
  • Body mechanics with proper tools and physical movement.
  • After care techniques for your land or garden project

DIY coaching can save thousands of dollars, and creates a sense of personal accomplishment.

We had the good fortune to have ANNIEBAM help us with our backyard renovation and total “do-over”. When we look out in mid-January and see the different greens that shine this time of year and take a back seat to the flowering joys of spring and summer, we are very thankful we got assistance from ANNIEBAM! Highly recommended for quality, expertise, and professionalism, a winning combination!

Emmette Finn

ANNIEBAM provides efficient solutions, innovative designs with organic approaches

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