Annie is great to work with. She has been working with us on a fairly substantial series of projects that include the design and installation of large screening trees and shrubs in our backyard; the re-design and replanting of existing plants and shrubs; and she is currently working closely with several of our contractors to landscape critical areas around our newly installed gazebo and in-ground spa. Her collaborative nature, along with her creativity and professional knowledge has transformed our landscape into something we will be enjoying for many years to come.

I really enjoyed working with Annie on both a container project and a front yard design. She is very enthusiastic about landscape design, and she has a lot of knowledge and experience. I appreciated Annie’s creativity and patience in working with me on the design, and also her flexibility to work within my budget. Once we had plans in place, it was amazing to me how quickly she and her crew were able to get the work done. Everything turned out beautifully!

We’ve worked with Annie for many years, on a variety of different projects building decks, arbors, pergola’s, etc. As a designer, Annie has the great vision to turn the ordinary into something special. She takes care to work with the homeowner to translate their concepts into reality. She understands how to develop the design from concept to completion — on budget and in a timely manner. Recently, we called in Annie to help us with a large project. Our customer had been very dissatisfied with a series of landscape professionals. Annie came in, listened, developed a design and budget, completed the project, and completely won over our client.

Annie is the best — smart, creative, passionate, trustworthy. There is no shortage of superlatives to describe her work. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable or imaginative than her.

Annie designed our backyard, gave us two options to choose from: (1) The one we thought we wanted ahead of time, and (2) One she thought might benefit us more — we chose her design as it was so much more practical for what we were looking for in an outdoor living space. Changed from a backyard with bad lawn (lots of pits and bumps) and small concrete slab to set lawn furniture on. Now it has a large brick patio, three raised vegetable/herb beds and a large variety of plant interest all over the yard all year round. We’ve gotten quite a lot of use from the space, and our cat loved to explore the yard and lie in the sun on the brick patio.

ANNIEBAM provides efficient solutions, innovative designs with organic approaches

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